We have been committed to manufacture and develop needle roller bearings and cylindrical roller bearings in the transmission field. 이 제품은 자동차에 널리 사용됩니다., 오토바이, 산업 재봉틀, 정원 기계, 전기 도구, 산업용 로봇 RV 감속기 및 선외 엔진 등.

우리에 대해

Changzhou Top-Bearing Co., Ltd는 7 월에 설립되었습니다. 2007, 우리 회사는 지금 25000m의 영역을 다룹니다2, 공장 면적 23000m2 과 136 직원, 포함 12 기술자. 우리는 Koyo와 협력하기 시작합니다. 2014 일본 기술로 고품질 베어링을 생산할 수 있습니다., 대만 베어링을 대체 할 수있는.

CNTP roller bearing manufacturer & supplier produces different kinds of needle rollers and needle bearings, K 시리즈 방사형 니들 롤러 및 케이지 어셈블리와 같은, HK 시리즈 드로우 컵 니들 롤러 베어링, HF 시리즈- 드론 컵 니들 롤러 클러치, NK 시리즈 헤비 듀티 니들 롤러 베어링 및 AXK 시리즈 스러스트 니들 롤러 및 케이지 어셈블리.

디스플레이 제품

우리의 제품은 미국에 수출되었습니다, 영국, 독일, 인도, 대한민국, 대만 및 기타 국가 및 지역. 에 2019, 판매량은 7.5 백만 달러, 그 중 1.5 백만 달러는 독일에 직접 수출됩니다, 영국, 미국, 기타.
Changzhou top-bearing co., ltd is a manufacturer of HF 베어링. The company was established in 2007 and since then we are a trusted manufacturer of HK Bearing. Initially we started with 12 technicians and now we have a bigger workshop. We are specialized in manufacturing products like Needle Cage for transmission purpose. Our products are hugely used in automobile industries.

  Besides that, the product like Needle Roller has a wide usage in industrial sewing. Our products are used in gardening, electric tool, outboard engineers, and in many more. We have trusted customer base; we export Roller Cage Bearing to USA, 영국, 인도, 독일, Taiwan, 대한민국, 기타. We make sure that the product quality remains excellent and that is the reason we have a loyal customer base as most of the clients are repeat clients.
  How do we ensure product quality?

  We have a well-equipped team and in the case of Needle Thrust Bearing, we use updated product testing technique. In order to test 니들 롤러 베어링, we use equipment like roundness meter, diameter separators, length separators, hardness testers, 기타. As the products are used in various industries so we make sure that those are sturdy enough to use.

  The special features of our product

  If you really want to invest Cylindrical Rollers, you need to learn about the product we manufacture. In the Needle Bearing, we use thin-walled outer ring. We use either open end or closed end ring depending on the capacity of the product. The AXK Bearing is appropriate for housing bores. It has low rigidity like aluminum or plastic. You will get to know more about the products The WorldWide Ads that we manufacture if you visit our website. We are transparent regarding the product we produce. So, you need to just click on https://www.top-bearing.com.cn/.
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