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Singano wodzigudubuza Kuchitira

  • K mndandanda-wama radial singano odzigudubuza komanso misonkhano ikuluikulu

    K Series-Radial needle roller and cage assemblies is a separated unit with high load capacity and high rigid design, widely used in the elements which has limitation in the radial size. Every needle is precisely guided and keep stable by the cage , so result to a better high speed performance. Product…
  • HK yotsatizana ndi kapu ya singano yamagawo ofunikira

    Drawn cup needle roller bearings, as the name suggests, are needle roller bearings with a deep drawn, thin-walled outer ring with either open ends or a closed end. They are characterized by a very low sectional height and high load carrying capacity. Product Name: Drawn cup needle roller bearings Structure:
  • HF mndandanda-Wotsekeredwa chikho singano wodzigudubuza

    Drawn cup needle roller clutches are one-way clutches comprising thin-walled, drawn outer rings with a series of ramps on the inside diameter, plastic cages, springs and needle rollers. They can transmit torques in one direction and are radially compact. The roller clutches are available with and without a bearing assembly.…
  • NK mndandanda-wolemera ntchito singano wodzigudubuza

    Heavy duty needle roller bearings are bearings with a low sectional height and large load ratings. The outer ring has high rigidity and can easily be used even for light alloy housings. Product Name: Heavy duty needle roller bearing Structure: NK NKS Heavy duty needle roller bearing without inner ring…
  • AXK mndandanda wotsegulira singano wodzigudubuza ndi misonkhano yayikulu

    Needle roller cages require ground and hardened surfaces as raceways, have a low axial section height and can support axial forces in one direction. Washers allow you to use the bearing on unhardened and unground surfaces. Product Name: Thrust needle roller and cage assemblies Structure: AXK Thrust needle roller and…
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