What is the significance of rolling bearing fault diagnosis?

There are many reasons for this,

As a bearing manufacturer, the damage of rolling bearings represents defects in the bearing processing process,
Each deep groove ball bearing undergoes a split ball fork to split the ball during the manufacturing process. The split ball fork often scratches the steel ball. In this case, almost 100% of the products will have defects. Fortunately, after the bearings are assembled, the vibration measurement personnel will promptly feedback the rigid ball injury to the previous process to adjust or replace the tooling, otherwise, a production line will produce tens of thousands of bearings a day and the loss will be inestimable if it is not discovered in time.
As a bearing user, you also need to detect bearing defects, such as fretting wear:

Fretting wear is very common among motor customers. The main cause is the relative friction between the inner and outer rings of the bearing and the steel ball during transportation. If this kind of problem occurs, it is basically the motor that needs to be repaired and repaired. At this time, if it is immediately detected that the bearing has fretting and wear, immediate measures (such as vibration isolation and vibration reduction) can reduce unnecessary losses. Otherwise, the person who called the bearing factory came over and disassembled and analyzed for half a day, and the efficiency was long gone. The above is only for small and medium-sized bearings. The single damage is really not worth mentioning. The key is that the defect will not only appear one, but only once. Once it occurs, it will not be quickly diagnosed and controlled, and it will cause inestimable losses. And if it is the following big guy, everyone must understand the importance of fault diagnosis. Even if the bearing is not valuable, the so-called "replacement is just right" can be a great tone. Once the offshore wind power is damaged, the replacement needs to be millions of dollars. The bearing is small and the replacement is big. If you confirm the problem before the problem occurs and send maintenance personnel to adjust and maintain, you can save a lot of money. We are a roller bearing manufacturer & supplier who provide kinds of products and OEM service